Spot the solar panels?
Spot the solar panels?

How difficult would it really be for developers or builders wherever they be to hook up with solar panel suppliers or solar energy providers to install rooftop solar as a standard feature?
Just imagine even one hundred residences at any one time, what a difference it could make …  >> More


Greening our cities
Greening our cities

Climate changewe can all do so much more. Live more sustainably and make money out of it.
Basically, there are a lot of people just getting on with it – trying to reduce their carbon footprint. But to make a difference we need more people doing things – simple things like turning off lights when you leave a room, turn off the air-conditioner and enjoy the seasonal change by opening a window – simple things that will save you money. We urgently need schools and businesses to do more too.  >> More

Energy Saving – How Does Your Place Rate?

Making a deck more liveable with shutters and screens
Making a deck more livable with shutters and screens

How does your place rate on energy conservation?
Take a quick survey to see how your school, home, place or work etc. is performing in energy conservation.
Give yourself a score out of 5 for each area and then judge the results for yourself.
Whatever your score, the question remains: how can you make it better?  >> More


Water in Our Daily Lives
Water in Our Environment Photography John Couper

Water – What’s your role?

Water plays a part in every aspect of our daily lives. We drink it, wash in it, cook with it, keep our clothes and homes clean and water our gardens with it. Clean water sustains the environment around us, and is essential for supporting the diverse plants, wildlife and landscapes which make Australia unique.
At the same time, in making more room for ourselves in the cities, the permeable space available for water in the cityscape has been squeezed >> More