Energy Saving – how does your place rate?

Add colour to your environment. How much cooler will it be!
Add a cool colour to your environment. How much cooler will it be!

How does your place rate on energy conservation?
Take a quick survey to see how your school, home, place or work etc. is performing in energy conservation. Give yourself a score out of 5 for each area and then judge the results for yourself.
Whatever your score, the question remains: how can you make it better?
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Reducing Carbon Emissions Starts at Home

Making a deck more liveable with shutters and screens
Making a deck more livable with shutters and screens

What makes this venue so appealing? You could have it at home and save on energy costs: wide verandahs, shade trees, louvres…
Photography John Couper

We hear much about how climate change has adverse effects on the sustainability of the Earth’s ecosystems
, but many people are unaware of what ecosystems actually are and why they are so important.  Ecosystems are communities of living organisms (diverse organisms, plants and animals) within a particular area that interact with each other and their environment (sun, soil, weather, water, air).  >> More


A few ways to make the most of your views

Views of greenery or countryside are beneficial for our well-being as research suggests. So, think about making some design changes to make the most of the views around your living space. If you think a new development m…

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