Quick Tips

Quick Tips – Thrifty and Inspiring Ideas

The Garden Revolution: How encouraging it is to witness so many young people taking a greater interest in gardening – whether it is to grow their own herbs on the windowsill, plant a pot of mixed greens to harvest at will or taking bold steps to reshape outdoor living spaces.  Read more>

Growtime for Tea: Plant a pot of mixed herbs to make your home grown,  refreshing herbal tea. These are best planted in a pot or they run rampant in the garden.
For a mint tea: a few leaves of Mentha x piperata; For a Turkish-style version, a few leaves ofMentha longifolia – schimperi (I like with sugar); Just two leaves of lemon verbena (Aloysia citriodora) makes a sweet fragrant tea; A mixed blend of Mellissa officinalis (lemon balm), lemon verbena and/or mint is a mild blend – great the day after a late night.

The Good Life: Free fruit or veges from your own back garden or apartment balcony.
Get tips from our Balconies, Decks and Terraces Blogs or start now with an espaliered apple, lemon, lime, pear or plum.

Healthy Homes: Cleaning of floorboards
The best cleaning solution for cleaning old, dirty floorboards: Mix in equal parts: linseed oil, turpentine and white vinegar.

Healthy Homes: Spring Clean
It’s time to open up the windows, blow away the cobwebs and give your place – be it a room, house, shed, home on wheels or apartment.  You can make it healthier for you and the environment by using more natural cleaning solutions.  See our Blog on hazardous chemicals in our homes.

The Good Life: Gorse
Gorse is a landcare nightmare but did you know it was originally grown by the Anglo Saxons for cattle fodder (pounded down) and as fuel in the highlands of Scotland – as well as the bark for yellow dye.  I see in Tasmania so much of it being poisoned; perhaps we could be harvesting what is there for the above purposes until it all goes.  Give it the Biofuel label.

Family: Walk with Nature
Walk to work, school, the shops or to visit a neighbour in order to connect with the seasons.  Observe how the local trees and shrubs change, the habits of the birds, the wind direction …  Talk about it with your walking partner – even take a selfie with your favourite tree.