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A Few Ways to Explore Sunsets and Spectacular Sunrises at Home

Soak it all up!
Soak it all up!

We are certainly aware of the seasons – especially now during the hot summer we are experiencing in Australia or in winter when there is little sunshine and the days are shorter, but there are other magnificent aspects about time and space you may be missing out on by neglecting to observe. Take time out of your busy schedule to observe and/or investigate the relationship between the sun, the earth and the moon – just sit or stand (especially barefooted on the earth) and enjoy the passage of time and positions of the sun and moon in space. >> More


Considerations in Choosing Your New Environment

For the outdoor person: Surrounded by green space, walking and cycling paths, golf and tennis. This property was recently sold by Coupers Realty
For the outdoor person: Surrounded by green space, walking and cycling paths, golf and tennis. This property was recently sold by Coupers Realty

Liveable communities, green building codes, transport options, local character, walkability, parks and open green space and nearby recreational activities are just some of the items we need to consider when choosing a place to live.  >> More


Waste, We Are Not Getting Away with It!

Individuals Can Make A Difference Photography John Couper

Climate changewe can all do so much more. Live more sustainably and make money out of it.
Basically, there are a lot of people just getting on with it – trying to reduce their carbon footprint. But to make a difference we need more people doing things – simple things like turning off lights when you leave a room, turn off the air-conditioner and enjoy the seasonal change by opening a window – simple things that will save you money. We urgently need schools and businesses to do more too. >> More


Move House or Stay Put

To Move or Not To Move Photograph John Couper

To move or not to move is a question that so many people ask as their children leave home or they are left alone. It can be devastating to leave a home one has lived in for many years but change can be exhilarating. Finding an apartment or small house with a great view or somewhere closer to your favourite haunts – museums, botanical gardens etc. or somewhere where you can start afresh with new technology, brighter, well-ventilated spaces could give one a new lease on life.  >> More


Out and About in Chelsea Gardens London

It’s Simple – Eat Well and Put More Activity in Your Daily Life!

The secret is out! The latest research regarding weight problems tells us  that controlling weight is not as difficult as we think.
The key is to watch what you put in your mouth – simple as that!

Actually, it is no secret – sounds exciting and something we have really known all along. The challenge is to encourage parents (who have the power of the purse) to change their children’s eating habits and their own behaviour, while at the same time increasing their physical activity. Far less glucose (sugar) – it is everywhere!
I suggest encouraging your children and teens to develop a personal health plan. Make the words ‘going on a diet’ taboo when talking or thinking about weight loss with your family or students. Instead, use: ‘change our eating habits so we can live longer’. >> More


Water in Our Daily Lives

Water in Our Environment Photography John Couper

Water – What’s your role?

Water plays a part in every aspect of our daily lives. We drink it, wash in it, cook with it, keep our clothes and homes clean and water our gardens with it. Clean water sustains the environment around us, and is essential for supporting the diverse plants, wildlife and landscapes which make Australia unique.
At the same time, in making more room for ourselves in the cities, the permeable space available for water in the cityscape has been squeezed, and when there is nowhere for the excess to go, our streets are flooded. Climate change and population growth mean we have to be more prepared for future changes.  >> More


Surrounded by private outdoor living space

Small is beautiful.  Less is More
We are planning our new home. Our three kids have exited the home well and truly and living far away.   The new home will be small, simple, clean lines and modern.>> More