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UP FRONT: Making the most of the space at the front of your dwelling.

Renovating or transforming your front garden to make life better all round
This area of any garden – large and extremely small, poses major challenges to the residents within – especially those in the city.  Your house may “front” a golf course, river, park etc but here in this short opinion piece, I am referring to the entry from the street/ street front – what people see as they pass by or walk into your property from the street.

City dwellers have to cope with pollution, grime, litter, security, hard surfaces, safe access to the front door …  but we all love challenges, especially when it means improving or transforming our living environment.
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 Make It a Better Home – Make It Great!

So, you like the place you are in – it is close to work, school or it is in the area in which you prefer to live, but you want to make it a better home?  Read more >>

What do you know about those air fresheners, laundry and cleaning products you use in your home?
Like most of us, very little most probably.

Strangely, most of our exposure to air pollutants occurs indoors from products such as air fresheners, detergents, all-purpose cleaning products etc., and yet, our indoor air environments are unregulated and unmonitored. Some or most of these products emit a range of compounds that are not disclosed to consumers – that is manufacturers of most consumer products (laundry, cleaning, air fresheners and more) do not need to list all ingredients or the presence of a fragrance in the product and yet, these could harm human health and air quality.  Read more>>


Preventing Mosquito Problems
Severe illness
is arising from mosquito bites is on the increase in Australia and it is not just a northern Australian problem. Keep updated on the recent spread of mosquito-borne birth deformities being reported around the globe.
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 Two Simple Ways to Achieve a “Clean Build”

Now that we are becoming more aware of the benefits of green building for the planet and ourselves, we need to turn our attention to “clean” houses.  That is, a home that is not only green and energy efficient, but one that integrates the best building practices to ensure living in it is healthy.

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