Essential Gardens

Too often gardens are seen as playing a secondary role in the design of our living environment – especially as most of us live the inner cities with small gardens or no gardens. But the art and the pleasure derived from gardening is too exciting to be ignored. Fortunately, if we do not have a small garden of some kind back or front, there is usually a balcony or terrace providing an opportunity for those with the imagination to take the leap and bring some life to the space!

The question often asked is: how or where do you start?
Hopefully my blogs on the subject of balconies and terraces (small space gardening) will take the first-time gardener through what at times, may seem a daunting experience- it is often exhilarating- deciding how to lay out and design a small garden that is really beautiful and/or practical, original in design and a reflection of your personality.
Take a good look at your space and imagine what you would like.  Our Pinterest Boards below will get you started.

Jan Couper
M.Env.; M.Ed.
Sustainability & Resilience Strategist

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