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Making the Most of Your Views

This home is in harmony with its landscape. For sale at Coupers Realty
This home is in harmony with its landscape with views of ancient Moonah Trees. For sale at Coupers Realty

Views of greenery or countryside are beneficial for our well-being as research suggests.
So, think about making some design changes to make the most of the views around your living space. Read More

Good Reasons to be Considering Multi-Generational Housing

…as family members and older friends struggle to find appropriate and affordable retirement living arrangements while their married children struggle with mortgage repayments for their homes, child-care costs and time, as well as the monetary cost spent traveling to and fro from outer suburbs. All this can bring much stress to family life.

Such ongoing challenges happens to most of us throughout our whole of life including  …   >> More

New Looks for City Classics

Making a deck more liveable with shutters and screens

Driving around some of the older, established areas of our cities, one comes across residences that have a distinctly 1930’s elegance. Many are set in wide, tree-lined streets not far from well-established transport routes, recreational facilities, shopping areas and schools – many within walking or cycling distance and probably with less traveling involved to get to work I see these residences as ideal for families.>> More



Reducing Carbon Emissions Starts at Home

Wide verandah, shade trees, louvres Photography John Couper
Wide verandah, shade trees, louvres
Photography John Couper

What makes this venue so appealing? You could have it at home and save on energy costs: wide verandahs, shade trees, louvres…
Photography John Couper

We hear much about how climate change has adverse effects on the sustainability of the Earth’s ecosystems
, but many people are unaware of what ecosystems actually are and why they are so important.  >>More



Greener and safer living environment for women

We all like to feel safe – especially women. Apartment living can provide that safe environment and extra planting can make it beautiful.   Most of the new inner city apartment blocks have sectors such as gardens, courtyards, pools, gyms and meeting rooms that can be accessed only by those who live there – usually by swiping a smart card.  >> More

Reduce Stormwater Runoff – Retrofit with Rain Gardens, Street Trees and Swales

Rain + Impermeable Surfaces = Storm-water Runoff

Native landscape Photographer Peter Champion

Urban and suburban areas around the globe have an abundance of impermeable surfaces – pavements, driveways, roofs, roads, footpaths and more and storm-water flowing over such surfaces creates a major source of pollution reaching our waterways.   As the water flows over these surfaces and into the storm-water drains, absorbing excess nutrients, oils and other contaminants in its path, we tend to ignore consequences at the other end. Large storm events can also overwhelm municipal sewer systems, leading to overflows that result in tainted runoff from these systems and raw sewerage as well. The end result can mean impaired water bodies locally as well as far downstream or in bays or oceans.  >> More