Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens
Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens

Architects use a formal method of design thinking to resolve problems and create sustainable solutions in the built environment.
We can use design thinking processes to solve problems and address concerns in our everyday lives and our living environments by:

  • considering our present situation and our preferred future goal or improved situation and,
  • exploring a number of alternative solutions simultaneously.

Igniting the spark
Our suggestions and “solutions” can be your starting points to explore  alternative paths or define/redefine your problem.
We hope to inspire some creative action with practical, creative problem-solving  suggestions that will get you thinking,  with the intent of improving your quality of life wherever you may live.

Our living environment is everywhere – in the building we inhabit, the street in which we live, the shops we visit, our workplace, our city, where we go on vacation, where we play …,
and it is there 24/7.   Of course, this is obvious but how often do we give our living environment any thought despite it being such a large part of our lives?

Think about it
Think about it