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About Our Blog “Balconies, Decks and Terraces”

Jan Couper
Sustainability & Resilience Strategist

Balconies and Terraces is more than just another gardening blog; it’s a cornucopia of information guiding and inspiring you to grow your own herbs, vegetables, flowers and other beautiful plants even if your growing space is very limited.
We encourage gardens in containers or raised bed and vertical gardens – gardens that will produce abundantly and take minimum amounts of work and water.
Our ideas on “how to” will be shared over the next few weeks, step by step.  Read about what we hope to share with you >>

Essential Gardens

Too often gardens are seen as playing a secondary role in the design of our living environment – especially as most of us live the inner cities with small gardens or no gardens. But the art and the pleasure derived from gardening is too exciting to be ignored. Fortunately, if we do not have a small garden of some kind back or front, there is usually a balcony or terrace providing an opportunity for those with the imagination to take the leap and bring some life to the space!  Read more…


Grow Vegetables in a Pot

Did you know, most vegetables feel just as much at home in a 60cm square container on an apartment balcony or by your back door as on a 60 ha farm?  Read a little more to see how> 

For great visual ideas and inspiration here is a link to our Pinterest Board re growing in containers:

The Potential of the Space You Have

Space in cities is at a premium.  Little space is given over to outdoor space where one can just sit or entertain or where children can play safely in the open air.  Then there are those of us who just do not have the time for large garden projects or maintaining garden beds.

However, for those living or working in busy urban settings in cities and towns, or those with no time to maintain a front or back garden, there is a great opportunity for you to create a green oasis on a terrace or an under-used balcony.  For ideas enjoy these images on our “Balcony Gardens” Pinterest Board:


Redesigned or new balconies and terraces have the potential to …  More>>

Quick Tip: The Garden RevolutionMore >>