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About our blog:
Being Mindful of Your Living Environment

Our living environment is everywhere – in the building we inhabit, the street in which we live, the shops we visit, our workplace, our schools, our city, where we go on vacation, where we play …, and it is there 24/7.   Of course, this is obvious but how often do we give our living environment any thought despite it being such a large part of our lives?

Our blog aims to simply provide ideas and reminders for us all to think  about and act upon the small things we can do that can make our living environment even better. The blog is written by our Jan Couper, an International Educator and Sustainable Environments Specialist.  Jan seeks input from members of our team about the things that they come across in their daily lives, their work experience or research they have encountered.   The opinions and comments expressed in our blog are those of the authors.  Although most opinions expressed are based upon research , we  do not verify the accuracy of the contents of all the blogs. Visit our website new-buildhousing.com.au for more information about sustainable building.

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