Make It an Even Better Home

Make It Great!

So you like the place you are in – it is close to work, school or it is the area in which you prefer to live but you want to make it a better home – for example:  upgrade it to save on maintenance and energy costs; add a deck or an extra room; put in larger windows or better heating system ….

There is something fascinating as well as satisfying about re-purposing space or materials.  Upgrading anything in your home from the kitchen to the roof and especially any gardening or outdoor living space, is about improving your daily life.
Before beginning any renovation, get to know and understand more about the potential toxicity of materials, conserving materials and resources, what makes a healthy home,
indoor air quality, and other commonsense things like where to put glass/windows to make good use of daylight and natural ventilation.

How your garden design, home extension or renovation of an existing building is designed can enhance your quality of life enormously.  We suggest, before beginning any renovation to seek advice from an architect and consult experts about sustainable technologies e.g. automatic watering systems, security lighting, intelligent ventilation, shading and renewable energy systems – all logical solutions of any renovation.
Architects assess things like usage patterns, flows, light, ventilation and privacy needs to design spaces that work for you.

Please include the garden / landscape plan in your design process!


Jan Couper M.Ed.; M.Env
Healthy Home Advisor
Sustainability & Resilience Consultant

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