The Potential of The Space You Have

The Potential of the Space You Have

Space in cities is at a premium.  Little space is given over to outdoor space where one can just sit or entertain or where children can play safely in the open air.  Then there are those of us who just do not have the time for large garden projects or maintaining garden beds.

However, for those living or working in busy urban settings in cities and towns, or those with no time to maintain a front or back garden, there is a great opportunity for you to create a green oasis on a terrace or an under-used balcony.

Redesigned or new balconies and terraces have the potential to :

Make the most of your confined space

Increase your living area

Provide you with the benefits of container gardening

Provide you with an area of relative privacy and peace

Bring you closer to nature

Provide you with an opportunity to grow your own fruit, flowers or vegetables

Improve your well-being by having access to green spaces

Help conserve biodiversity in the city

Open up beautiful and stunning day-time views or,

Open up magnificent night-time cityscapes

Jan Couper M.Ed,; M.Env.
Sustainable Cities and Resilient Landscapes Strategist


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