“Balconies, Decks & Terraces” Projects

Balconies and Terraces is more than just another gardening blog; it’s a cornucopia of information guiding and inspiring you to grow your own herbs, vegetables, flowers and other beautiful plants even if your growing space is very limited. We encourage gardens in containers or raised bed and vertical gardens – gardens that will produce abundantly and take minimum amounts of work and water.
As most of our city-dwellers around the globe live in apartments, small space gardening is a rapidly growing specialty with garden-supply companies producing a myriad of devices to assist home growers in their quest to bring their living environment to life while conveniently supplementing their food source or providing occupants with some stress-release horticultural therapy.
Family Gardening
By breaking your garden down to child-size dimensions in a planter or pot, small space gardening is especially suited to family gardening – grandparents included. Children soon lose interest in the tedious work planting out and tending a large garden plot, but they don’t mind at all helping and nurturing a garden planter or container 30cm square.
It is our hope that this blog (which is planned to grow to a stand-alone website) could also be useful to aged care facilities and schools that are seeking to use the garden for therapy or as a teaching tool.

Jan Couper M.Ed;M.Env.
International Educator, Sustainable and Resilient Landscapes Strategist

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