BLOG: Greener and safe living environments for women

Greener and safer living environment for women


We all like to feel safe – especially women. Apartment living can provide that safe environment and extra planting can make it beautiful.   Most of the new inner city apartment blocks have sectors such as gardens, courtyards, pools, gyms and meeting rooms that can be accessed only by those who live there – usually by swiping a smart card. Meandering through these spaces to arrive home can be very pleasant and relaxing – adding to our sense of well-being.   Having a safe, well-managed green space at your front door to visit can be bliss or a balcony suitable for potted plants in order to grow your own flowers or vegetables.
My only hope is that architects, landscape architects and other design professionals have a stronger influence on the final result in the building of apartment blocks- providing more than just ‘a concept’ for the property developer who may be more concerned with capacity and costs.

See what is possible if only a little more thought went into our city apartment block designs: Check out my Pinterest board – apartment possibilites from around the world.

Jan Couper M.Ed.; M.Env.
Resilient cities and landscapes Strategist