BLOG: Move House or Stay Put

To Move or Not To Move Photograph John Couper
To Move or Not To Move

To move or not to move is a question that so many people ask as their children leave home or they are left alone. It can be devastating to leave a home one has lived in for many years but change can be exhilarating. Finding an apartment or small house with a great view or somewhere closer to your favourite haunts – museums, botanical gardens etc. or somewhere where you can start afresh with new technology, brighter, well-ventilated spaces could give one a new lease on life.

Perhaps you like the area in which you currently live and may relish the thought of a giving your home a dose of modernity through renovation or redecoration. Open up those separate rooms, remove the grotty fireplace and replace it with a gas log fire, create an open floor plan, make the ceilings taller, put in a wall of glass to open up to the great outdoors or just simply begin by replacing the old front door. It is amazing what can be achieved with the help of a good architect or decorator.

Whatever you choose to do, it must be something you want to do and remember, the joy is in the experience.

Jan Couper
Sustainability Strategist

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