PROJECT: Waste, we are not getting away with it!

Individuals Can Make A Difference Photography John Couper
Individuals Can Make A Difference
Photography John Couper

Climate changewe can all do so much more. Live more sustainably and make money out of it.
Basically, there are a lot of people just getting on with it – trying to reduce their carbon footprint. But to make a difference we need more people doing things – simple things like turning off lights when you leave a room, turn off the air-conditioner and enjoy the seasonal change by opening a window – simple things that will save you money. We urgently need schools and businesses to do more too.
I think we have another major global problem: “ little me can’t solve it or fix it” attitude. But a group of people can do something – whether it is you and your class, mums and the family (I say ‘mums’ because I find mums are far more responsive to the well-being and future of their children and grandchildren) or you and your neighbours.
Plan together – how can we do it better discussion; monitor or act. Get down to the nitty gritty about world warming – this is what we know, this is what will happen. Unfortunately we have to be a bit scared to do something. Perhaps look at the situation with your family or class or community as question of future risk – just as you would with bush fire or storm resilience, protection or adaption. Look at positives – more money available for more fun.
Begin focusing on three things:
1. Cut back on waste – food; plastics; packaging; cheap junk products that travel thousands of miles to reach your supermarket and stuff the kids tire of so quickly. Not that I sit in judgment , but a television documentary I viewed comes to mind when I think of extravagant consumerism – “Queen of Versailles” about a family in Florida – a real shock but then we all know such gaps or lack or responsibility do exist.
2. How do you get to work or the gym or to school? Transport is a real problem – something for you to think about.
3. Energy usage. Televisions etc. turn off at the point; turn off lights; cut back on heating and cooling…
Every bit counts, together we can make a great difference. Communicate positives to friends and family – bring it back to what matters to people i.e. economic security and family.
My point: Nobody does their best, they do the best they can. That’s what we hope.

Jan Couper M.Env.; M.Ed.