BLOG: Small is beautiful

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Gorgeous small home on Harbour Island in the Bahamas that we recently holidayed it. Inspiring use of space and s urrounded by private outdoor living space
Gorgeous small home on Harbour Island in the Bahamas where we recently holidayed. Inspiring use of indoor and outdoor space. Surrounded by private outdoor living space.

Small is beautiful.
We are planning our new home. Our three kids have exited the home well and truly and living far away.   The new home will be small, simple, clean lines and modern. I don’t want rooms sitting there awaiting guests to fill them. Instead I will have beds stored to erect when needed in my library or dad’s office.   Also, I do not want stuff in it that I do not really require.

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One thing that is taking so much of my time in planning is the kitchen – deciding on a cooker. We don’t cook for large numbers of guests any more – I don’t have the time and there are people out there who do it better than me. So, I am thinking, why am I agonising over an expensive, imported cooker for show more than anything else – and I hate cleaning them!

But, to my amazement, I discovered so many great appliances available for cooking these days. My faithful slow cooker, and electric wok have seen better days so I can upgrade to these swish new styles plus get a plug in griller and perhaps put some of the kitchen outdoors – I am thrilled. So it is back to basics with my upright cooker or oven and hotplates, instead I am going with the easy to clean, new technology of small appliances.

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