IDEA: New Looks for City Classics

Making a deck more liveable with shutters and screens
Making a deck more liveable with shutters and screens

Driving around some of the older, established areas of our cities, one comes across residences that have a distinctly 1930’s elegance. Many are set in wide, tree-lined streets not far from well-established transport routes, recreational facilities, shopping areas and schools – many within walking or cycling distance and probably with less traveling involved to get to work I see these residences as ideal for families. It is wonderful to have a modern apartment but it needs to be functional for children. On the other hand, these older residences with their spacious, well-proportioned rooms could be modernized into something that a young, modern family would feel comfortable using for many years.
A good architect, builder and designer could transform some of the spaces into more practical, multipurpose areas, reconfigure the kitchen and master bedroom and make the interior more light and airy with larger windows.

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Jan Couper M.Ed.; M.Env.